About The Shroom

The fun guys responsible for this abomination.

The Shroom is Black Rock City’s Least Best Newspaper. It was born out of an admiration for The Onion and a desperate need to find something useful to contribute on the Playa by those whose primary skills – being clever and writing – weren’t in high demand during a dust storm.

The Shroom has experienced enormous growth recently.  What started with a few copies being passed out by a guy with a six pack poured into a Camelbak has morphed into a real 3rd rate operation.  We have developed a pretty good fan base on Facebook and we’re starting to grow our following on Twitter.  With a lot of help and recognition from our friends in the Burning Man organization, and Burning Man Information Radio, as well as those in the community who lend their pics, names and laughter, we expect to reach the status of 2nd rate operation next year!

We’d really love it if you’d share us with your friends.  We want your feedback, so please gift us your comments be they snide, sneers, snickers, hate mail or just plain LOLz.  You can email us at theshroombrc@gmail.com. Feel free to let us know about any concerns, edits, story ideas, pending libel suits, or to just say hello. And if you have any incriminating evidence, particularly photographs, we promise to keep your name out of it when we plaster it on the interwebs.

In Dust We Trust,

Loki & Magellan

14 responses

8 10 2009

We met st LA ecom, are you coming up for SF decom?? You re invited to stat in Crocket.
Number is 510 493 5194

17 05 2010

love what i have read on this site. very well done. are you going to write more? publish on the playa? add more writers? so curious.

18 05 2010

Hi Stu,

We’ve been publishing The Shroom pre-playa for the past 6 years (save 06 & 08). We’ve also done a decom/recap issue and will be publishing a Lightning in a Bottle edition. We can always use more writers! Shoot us an email. It’s on our ‘Contact Us’ page.

26 05 2010

Laugh out loud funny stuff. Very much appreciated. I want to drink bourbon, eat bacon and talk with you about the on-playa publishing game. Drop me an email, or come visit at the Beacon this year. We covered the unicorn story a bit, and we hope it turns confrontational this year. Unfortunately, our group seems constrained by niggly details like fact checking . . . . Developing the art of the leading question has been my salvation.

27 05 2010

Hey Durgy! Thanks for the comment. We would love to talk shop over bourbon and bacon! Feel free to email us. We’re lucky that since we don’t take anything seriously we don’t have to be bothered with pesky facts 🙂

9 02 2012

please explain what “niggly” means, in your own words? Where have you heard it, and in what context? jus curious…

26 08 2010

I love your posts … writing style is truly funny

please consider adding the plug in for social network sharing … to help spread the love 🙂


i also added you to my blog roll

20 01 2011

Which plug in are you talking about?

27 08 2010
tiny danza

i have a similar blog/newspaper/onion style that launched and then crashed and burned after liftoff due to lack of content. tell em what you think.

yours is pretty darn good, my friend. keep up the good work and i’ll try and find you out there on the playa! im at 8 and bahgdad – TinyTropolis

14 12 2010
Nutmeg Alfredo

there is nowhere in the world that I would rather be
than with you my love

we do this every day

26 07 2011

Hello… love it.
Sorry but fuck FB and t.

27 07 2011
Rosemary Galeano

Thanks, you got it right here

27 07 2011
It’s the Last Burningman, According to Founder: “Having Sold Out This Year, The End Was Inevitable” |

[…] the ‘About‘ section, people! They also reported a Unicorn Flu […]

28 06 2012

did a t-shirt years ago with shroom on it …..funny …..back in the 70’s Oregon thing ……

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