Israeli Burners Building Permanent Theme Camps in Deep Playa

22 09 2011

Israeli Burners have begun to build permanent theme camps in the deep Playa to ensure their continued presence at the annual event. When asked what prompted the move, Burners With Borders camp spokesman, Waxy Kibbutz, pointed out that the emergence of scalpers selling to rich putzes served as a call to action. “This desert belongs to us, not those schmendriks who purchased scalped tickets,” wailed Kibbutz.

“We won’t give up these lands just because some meshuginas suddenly think it’s theirs,” said Manny Schewitz of Camp Carnegie Deli.

After 2 Year Stint as a Solo Camper Hitler Returns with New Theme Camp

1 07 2010

The Burning Man community witnessed Hitler’s YouTube meltdown two years ago when he realized his theme camp had fallen apart and disbanded.  With his dreams of the scariest fucking art car ever gone like MOOP from feather boas caught in a dust devil, Hitler was forced to camp on his own way out in the suburbs, past the DWP Ghetto, or forgo his trip to Black Rock City altogether.

“It was a low point in my life,” claimed Der Fuhrer. “I really wigged the fuck out.  You all saw it.  But you know, it wasn’t all bad.  It gave me the opportunity to really reflect and think about what kind of experience I want to have on the Playa.”

The leader of the Third Reich gushed about his passion for Trance music.  “I love it all!  Goa, Psytrance, as well as the classic progressive stuff like Sasha & Digweed.  It really just takes me away, you know?  That’s why I’m back this year with a new theme camp devoted specifically to Trance music.”

When asked about his latest breakdown on YouTube concerning the rise in popularity of Dubstep at the expense of Trance Hitler shrugged it off as a necessary setback to his master plan of bringing back Trance as the most popular music at Burning Man.

Editorial: Camp Lynyrd Skynyrd Freakin’ Rocks!

26 05 2010

Enough said.

Famous DJ Totally Supposed to be Spinning Some Night Somewhere on the Playa

25 05 2010

One of your campmates has apparently found out through an unnamed source that a famed Miami or Ibiza or London DJ with a first or last name that begins with “P” was going to be spinning at an undisclosed location in the deep Playa.  The timing of the set could not be confirmed at press time, but was believed to be after dark and before sunset either sometime during the middle or late in the week.  Sources were unsure.

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