Entomologist Can’t Identify Bugs at Burning Man, But Knows How To Kill Them

20 08 2015

A leading entomologist has revealed that he’s stumped by the identity of bugs at Burning Man – but has advised everyone to get an issue of The Shroom, roll it up, and splat the motherfuckers. “I’d donate to migtastic@gmail.com via Paypal so that they can get printed. I don’t know what those little swarming bastards are, but I bet you can kill them with a rolled up piece of paper.”

BRC Webinar Series

17 11 2014


The BORG is funding a webinar series to be conducted by BRC webinar guru, Joshua ‘Captain Oops’ Levine. Among the talks slated are:

-The art of the art car pitch

-How to seduce angel investors while their sparkle ponies are in the porta-potty

-When ‘no’ really does means ‘yes’

-How to throw a lavish, corporate-funded dinner for product promotion on the playa and get the DPW to clean up your mess

-Thinking outside the box to create synergies for today’s multitasking burners

-Spiritual experience or just really good drugs? How to spot the difference.

-The 7 habits of highly effective DJs

-How to become a festival mogul


All participants receive a downloadable copy of Levine’s soon-to-be mediocre-seller, Grilled Cheese for the Burner’s Soul.

We’re on our way home! Keep an eye out for PDFs.

26 08 2011

We’re off to the desert today!  Half of us anyway. The rest of the staff will be departing on Monday. We plan to have PDFs of this year’s issues on this site for you to enjoy by then!





Burning Man zodiac tee shirts!!!

10 08 2011

Nobody Likes a Sparkle Pony

Here it is, the very first Burning Man zodiac tee shirt!  One of our adoring fans has taken her dislike of sparkle ponies, and love of The Shroom, to new levels!  She’s created this shirt for sale in time for Burning Man. All proceeds will go to help fund The Shroom’s printing needs so we can keep the citizens of BRC informed of important information, like Larry Harvey being a shape-shifting vampire. Not to mention making sure the zodiac reaches the masses.  You can purchase the shirt here.  We hear the rest of the signs are in the works!

Shroom Fundraising drive!

8 08 2011

Over the last forty-seven years at Burning Man, The Shroom has grown from a hand-mimeographed single sheet being handed out by a lone jester roaming the Playa to what Larry Harvey called ‘my favorite Burning Man moment of 2009’. (No seriously, between 1961-67 we only printed one copy of the Shroom. This of course excludes our 1962 Cuban Missile Crisis/Reefer Madness issue).

Since 2004, due to an increasing playa presence, the number of copies of each playa issue has increased more than two-hundred thousand percent from one copy to 400 of each issue. This year, the demand has grown beyond the ability of the people responsible for the project to afford to print it overnight on their day job’s color copiers.

This year, with your help, we will print a Sell-Out issue and a Rites of Passage issue in quantities large enough to spread playa-wide.

Our goal this year is to make sure that everyone on the playa who can read, laugh and laugh at themselves, and the sanctity of BM, can enjoy an issue of The Shroom. We estimate this number to be around 1000 people, but intend to print 10 times that number just in case.

The money we raise will be used to print copies. This year we’re aiming to have 10,000 total copies of The Shroom available in Black Rock City. That’s 5,000 copies of each issue, plus our special Burning Man Zodiac insert with 12 unique astrology signs specific to Burning Man.

Please donate generously here!

P.S. Larry Harvey is a shape-shifting vampire.

If you show us yours we’ll show you ours.

10 01 2011

Every staff member sports this tattoo right on their arse.

We at The Shroom pride ourselves on knowing our audience. But simply knowing how to make you giggle, snort, wince, groan, grumble, or guffaw is just not enough for us anymore. We want to get personal. How personal? Great question.

We wanna see your ink. Email us a pic. Post to our FB page. We simply ask that it’s YOUR tat we’re getting and not something you googled or found on a ‘worst tattoo ever’ site. We’re hoping to feature a couple of the ones we like best in upcoming posts.  We’re also looking to create a Fan photo album just for you!  Anyone with tattoos of shrooms in any size, shape or form gets preferential treatment of course :).

No need for head shots, unless you got yourself a beaut of a tat on your face. Pics of private parts and naughty bits are fair game so long as they’re inked and they’re yours. So no matter how old, new, significant, silly, sexy or odd your ink we want it! If there’s a story behind it, especially a funny one, we want to hear it. We may even hold a contest and make up some categories on the fly.

We’re pretty sure many of our burny friends and relatives are inked someplace, and we’re betting yours are as well. Bring ’em along; the more the merrier.  Just have ’em drop by the FB page and ‘like’ us so they can post.

To our readers, and especially our commenters: THANK YOU!

21 12 2010
We love our readers; we adore our subscribers.

We APPLAUD our commenters! You are the conscience of the Burning Man community. You are the ones who make it possible to KEEP SHINING A LIGHT ON THE TRUTH!

We’ve been reading what you have to say on the WikiLeaks story with rapt attention. Do not hold back! Speak up, tell everyone what you really think! This WikiLeaks scandal is only the beginning. There are revelations of plans within plans yet to come. More lies, hypocrisy, greed, and other sordid affairs. It’s time to fight back and expose the New Burning Order for what it really is…

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