Dues Explode in Camps Near Google Art Car Stops

9 11 2014



Some camps with placement near stops along routes used by Google’s art cars are experiencing unprecedented hikes in camp dues. The air conditioned, wifi-enabled buses allow Googlers to work while they burn without dealing with the smells hassles of the general population.

As the tech art car buses have moved in, longtime residents have been evicted as gleaming new techie camps pop up. When asked about the effect on other camps that are not part of the Google shuttle service, Ashram Galactica camper Xander said, “Burners should accept the vicissitudes of the marketplace. If they want a festival where money doesn’t matter, they really need to look elsewhere.”

A ‘Disrupt BRC!’ protest scheduled to stop the Google art bus quickly and happily devolved into a roving unicorn orgy and not another fuck was given that day.




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