Israeli Burners Building Permanent Theme Camps in Deep Playa

22 09 2011

Israeli Burners have begun to build permanent theme camps in the deep Playa to ensure their continued presence at the annual event. When asked what prompted the move, Burners With Borders camp spokesman, Waxy Kibbutz, pointed out that the emergence of scalpers selling to rich putzes served as a call to action. “This desert belongs to us, not those schmendriks who purchased scalped tickets,” wailed Kibbutz.

“We won’t give up these lands just because some meshuginas suddenly think it’s theirs,” said Manny Schewitz of Camp Carnegie Deli.



4 responses

22 09 2011

carnegie deli, on 57th street, with the famous copy of “winged victory”, also used in the john candy mariel hemingway movie. It closed about 5 years ago.

oy, how i miss the 7$ bagel with a schmears, i tell you.

im getting all vehklempt.

22 09 2011

of course, to be sure – they will be bulldozing those settlements as soon as they realize that israeli’s aren’t the ones occupying them…..


22 09 2011

didnt ariel sharon have something to do with the trojan horse?

22 09 2011

They are good at occupation.. of course they learned from the best the British and the US government ..oh back in the days when this land was filled with Native Americans..that must have been when the MAN first came to this land…i think GOD or maybe the MAN left that part of the Playa for them 😀
There was a guy doing Anthropological study on behalf of an institution in Israel. Maybe they are doing Kibbutz Extreme here!
First we have to deal with scalpers, next people who think they are better than others even at BM!

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