Music Review: New Genre Called CuntStep Mixes Country & Dubstep

20 09 2011

“My wife took my pickup and left me wubbwubbwubb, my dog ran awobblewobblewobble, and thwapthwapthwap, and my whiskey is all gogogogogogowoooooooommmmmmmworkwooomBOOOOOOOMwhapwhapwhapwhapwhapworkingingingigningwubwubwubwubwubbbbbb,” is understandably the hottest new sound to which self-important DJs are masturbating to these days on the Playa.

If you’re on the dustfloor and you hear the heartache of country music mixed with the earache of the wobble, you’ve been cuntstepped. Led by DJ Garth Skrillex, Bo & Luke Doucheous and a rejuvenated Billy Ray Cyrus, its trademark wobble and dark matter are strained through the South and served up with grit.



7 responses

20 09 2011

dubstep almost ruined burning man

20 09 2011

we get it, not everyone likes dubstep.. then again, not everyone likes shitty redundant house music or psytrance so quit whining. there’s something for everyone at BM

20 09 2011


20 09 2011

hey you have no idea how pleased i was able to find soulful house out on the playa… im really sick of Dubstep myself, and for some reason or another the playa constantly took me to the places that were playing awesome house music… deffenately refreshing rather then hearing Whompwhomp all the time ….

20 09 2011
Mr. Green

I will be awaiting this said “cuntstep” at decomp.
– yours, DJ Sweatish House Mainstage

20 09 2011
Brian Tseng

Just remember, PLAYING IT LOUDER DOES NOT MAKE IT SOUND ANY BETTER!!! Just sayin’… 🙂 BTW, this posting is up there w/ the “Obama sells BM tix” post. Keep up the good werk!

17 10 2011
Danny Chrononaut

::post #9576 complaining about dubstep::

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