Foreskin Restoration Camp Introducing Newest Rite

15 09 2011

A new addition to Black Rock City this year, Foreskin Restoration Camp is focused on contributing to this year’s theme. “Our goal is to make men whole,” claims camp leader Les Glans. Supplied by morgues from South America, Glans hopes he and his team of doctors can reattach foreskins to as many men that want one. “We have a variety of colors and sizes,” says Glans. “Just come into our hermetically sealed yurt to pick one.”

Friction, controversy and protest came to a head with their placement next to Camp Mohel. Counter protests, led by a foreskin restoration support group known as RECAP – Recover a Penis – were quickly approaching a climax as of press time.



2 responses

17 09 2011

this is unintentionally the funniest article ive read

22 09 2011
Restoring Tally

I missed Burning Man this year, but I would have liked to attend the foreskin restoration Playa Event held this year. I am restoring my foreskin and it is difficult to meet other restorers because, face it, most guys don’t talk dick to other guys, particularly if they are strangers.

I would like to correct the one impression left by the above article. Foreskin restoration involves applying tension to the skin to induce growth. Non-surgical foreskin restoration does not involve any surgery or cutting. A few opt for surgical restoration, but many more prefer non-surgical foreskin restoration. It works very well.

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