Shroom Fundraising drive!

8 08 2011

Over the last forty-seven years at Burning Man, The Shroom has grown from a hand-mimeographed single sheet being handed out by a lone jester roaming the Playa to what Larry Harvey called ‘my favorite Burning Man moment of 2009’. (No seriously, between 1961-67 we only printed one copy of the Shroom. This of course excludes our 1962 Cuban Missile Crisis/Reefer Madness issue).

Since 2004, due to an increasing playa presence, the number of copies of each playa issue has increased more than two-hundred thousand percent from one copy to 400 of each issue. This year, the demand has grown beyond the ability of the people responsible for the project to afford to print it overnight on their day job’s color copiers.

This year, with your help, we will print a Sell-Out issue and a Rites of Passage issue in quantities large enough to spread playa-wide.

Our goal this year is to make sure that everyone on the playa who can read, laugh and laugh at themselves, and the sanctity of BM, can enjoy an issue of The Shroom. We estimate this number to be around 1000 people, but intend to print 10 times that number just in case.

The money we raise will be used to print copies. This year we’re aiming to have 10,000 total copies of The Shroom available in Black Rock City. That’s 5,000 copies of each issue, plus our special Burning Man Zodiac insert with 12 unique astrology signs specific to Burning Man.

Please donate generously here!

P.S. Larry Harvey is a shape-shifting vampire.




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