If you show us yours we’ll show you ours.

10 01 2011

Every staff member sports this tattoo right on their arse.

We at The Shroom pride ourselves on knowing our audience. But simply knowing how to make you giggle, snort, wince, groan, grumble, or guffaw is just not enough for us anymore. We want to get personal. How personal? Great question.

We wanna see your ink. Email us a pic. Post to our FB page. We simply ask that it’s YOUR tat we’re getting and not something you googled or found on a ‘worst tattoo ever’ site. We’re hoping to feature a couple of the ones we like best in upcoming posts.  We’re also looking to create a Fan photo album just for you!  Anyone with tattoos of shrooms in any size, shape or form gets preferential treatment of course :).

No need for head shots, unless you got yourself a beaut of a tat on your face. Pics of private parts and naughty bits are fair game so long as they’re inked and they’re yours. So no matter how old, new, significant, silly, sexy or odd your ink we want it! If there’s a story behind it, especially a funny one, we want to hear it. We may even hold a contest and make up some categories on the fly.

We’re pretty sure many of our burny friends and relatives are inked someplace, and we’re betting yours are as well. Bring ’em along; the more the merrier.  Just have ’em drop by the FB page and ‘like’ us so they can post.




One response

10 01 2011

Just when I think the Playa couldn’t be any further away, I discover the Shroom providing me with more laughs and relief than a porta-pottie, and encouraging me to patiently await the ticket sale. Thanks for thinking of us, cELlery

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