Larry Harvey Responds to WikiLeaks

21 12 2010

Burning Man One

Last week’s release of internal memos and emails pertaining to the inner workings and plans of the Burning Man Organization sparked heated debate and outrage within the Burner community. Among the revelations were a secret partnership with Starbucks, which actually runs Center Camp Café, a plan for a Burning Religion and a conspiracy with NASA to keep Mercury permanently in retrograde.

There were many failed attempts to contact the BORG offices, and then several refusals to comment on the subject.  When we finally did reach Mr. Harvey for comment he was aboard his new Gulfstream G-VI, code-named ‘Burning Man One’, heading to a summit meeting for festival organizers held on a private island in the Indian Ocean. Unapologetic about the Starbucks sponsorship he said he’d do it again in a heartbeat. When asked if he had anything to say to the thousands of Burners who felt betrayed by the truth about Burning Man he flatly replied “Blow me.”




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21 12 2010

Bwaaahaaahaaa!!! Awesome…

“Blow me”.


27 12 2010

Whaaaat??! SELLOUTS

28 12 2010
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29 12 2010

Un-Fucking-Believable…This shit makes me sad…I ALWAYS thought it was wierd they sold coffee and an “electrolyte drink” aka. GATORADE… Thank non-god i NEVER bought a fucking thing…

4 01 2011

alec like “Alec” Alec? Co-burner exteordinaire?

26 07 2011
Kimarie Teter

lol! hahaha!! for those with eyes to see!! and ears to hear!

26 07 2011

Center camp was always whack. Little kids an coffee no thanks. I stayed on the edge of the north side and venture far out at night. Far enough that I’m the wretch they were looking for at dawn.
Wanted to go out with a bang my ass Harvey! You could’ve pulled the plug on the 20th anniversary or 25th. Or even last year. Save your “this is the end” speech for the last day of the burn; not the beginning of ticket sales.
One things for sure, some one else with a jet airplane will pick up where you left off. As for me, I’m too punk, to old, an too jaded to continue the trend of what has definitely become too trendy. 2005 was my last year and proud of it. 93 was most of my friends first. It’s no surprise that in those days it was easy to retain the true motto with out interwebs interweaving douche criteria into a sacred ground . Or exposing the reality of the BIG CASH GRAB.
2004 & 2005 will forever live in my heart as special times on the Playa. Good luck to all who lived and loved the honesty and amazement of waht we hoped the world could be like with out greed and corruption.
Sorry new burners for the over priced watered down version of yesterdays hippie ethos. You first timers will clamor to enter your virginal Gate of Passage turned dated rave as the big bang Harvey wanted to go out with will simply be a final cash grab before disappearing in to the sunset of the closest off shore bank account ripe with his own personal excesses. You leave behind fond memories, but your legacy is now written in dollars.

26 07 2011

Hilarious! But I have to wonder – do folks really not get that this is a satire, or are they playing along with the joke?

26 07 2011


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