25 10 2010

The LA Times has pointed out the academic researchers have been attending Burning Man to conduct observations on the way our wonderful city ticks. As a result there’s been an increase in the number of academic papers and dissertations on the culture and phenomenon of Burning Man.

The Shroom wants to know what dissertations YOU can come up with!  We’ll start you off to give you an idea of what we’re looking for to get your snarkiest juices flowing. Please leave your entry as a comment. The winner gets an official Shroom tee shirt!

  1. Anthropology: On the statistical constructs behind creating chaos, the gift economy and getting my dick sucked.
  2. Abnormal Psychology: The Apotheosis of a Shirtcocker.
  3. Sociology: Dubstep, Steampunks, and the emergence of douchebaggery in the counter-culture.



2 responses

25 10 2010

Philosophy: Disproving the Commonly-Accepted Theory, “If You Can Think of It, Someone is Out There Doing It.”

21 12 2010
Straight Shooter

History of Western Civilization: Development of public works and their administration, using BRC as a modern scale model.

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