Uh, why so quiet?

30 08 2010

Have all my dusty friends settled down?

Where is everyone? Back to school shopping? And why isn’t anyone answering their phones?

Waylon Jennings said it best, “Now one wants to wear faux fur and take some pills/I myself have seen some wilder days/eah I think I know what my father meant when he sang about his lost highway and Johnny Cash don’t act like he did back in ’68
and Kriss he is a movie star and he’s moved off to L.A.
and nobody wants to get drunk and get loud and all my rowdy friends have settled down”

Oh, yeah. that Burning Man thing. Be safe. Please enjoy the Shroom responsibly.




2 responses

8 09 2010

Stumbled across your blog and am loving it! You’re like a more specialized version of The Onion tailored to my BM obsession. I’m herding a group of friends to BM 2011 and look forward to meeting you on the Playa

8 09 2010

You can count on that! Thanks for the comments. We also have a face oil page so please spread the love!

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