Camp Decides on Breakfast Burritos After 8,675 Emails, 309 Threads

11 08 2010

As the calendar flips and time draws closer to Burning Man many camps face myriad decisions regarding art cars, art installations, infrastructure, dues, etc. One of the more important decisions camps face is what food to put on their menus and what meal plans should they incorporate these into their dues.  The meal plans are often very popular as they alleviate the need for individuals to figure out what to make themselves for dinner throughout the week. It also offers a chance for campers to get together and eat along side of people they’ve never seen and will never get to know before biking off across the Playa to meet their friends. This sort of interaction brings a bit of the city to the Playa and fits nicely into this year’s theme of Metropolis: Life of the City.

For the theme camp Disorient the discussion about their breakfast meal plan became Kafka-esque as it spanned 4 months, bridged two seasons on the calendar, and used up more bandwidth than their decisions about dues, art installations and logistics combined. Luckily, as a result of the protracted discussion, there are fewer campers to worry about and therefore the amount of work needed to carry out the meal plan has been reduced.

“We wanted to make sure we made everyone in our camp happy by preparing the perfect meal every day and for breakfast we had a debate about what might suit everyone’s needs and tastes for the most important meal of the day. In many cases, the only meal of the day” said Shaggy 2K, Space Pirate Captain and kitchen leader for Disorient. “Sure, almost 9,000 emails to decide on what we were going to make for breakfast may sound excessive, but can you really put a limit on gastronomic satisfaction?”

When asked whether Disorient was going to provide a healthy vegan version of the breakfast burrito Shaggy replied that that had not been discussed, but he was planning on posing the idea to the rest of the camp as soon as a decision was reached on whether or not they’d be using real eggs or the powdered kind.



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12 08 2010

OMG. 😉

12 08 2010


12 08 2010
the bass

I really think we need to rethink this plan and i already posted about this and what about the glutenfree option and pancakes are better why do you personalize this when my idea is the best i think we should have whole roast goose every morning but i am coming friday and leaving saturday the end

12 08 2010

lol 😀

Now I want a burrito.

26 08 2010
Anthony Martin

I thought Shaggy2k said, the burritos will continue until morale improves …

9 02 2011
Giselle Bisson

Should they be meat burritos, vegetarian burritos, or raw vegan gluten free cruelty free burritos blessed by a high priestess?

9 02 2011

I’m sure there’s a camp somewhere that actually offers that last variety. They probably have the temerity to call them burritos, too.

31 07 2011

For flipside in Austin I took 80 breakfast burritos which my burn mates enjoyed every morning.. I made them with my moms chicken’s eggs, and either sausage or turkey bacon with lots of yummy cheese.. put em in the deep freezer and when it was time to go, on dry ice.. heated them on the griddle in the foil I wrapped em in and in 10 min every one was chowing down.. no dishes and no effort.

26 06 2012

I wish there was some sort of shadow government to decide what I should eat.

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