Black Rock Airways Announces Inaugural Service for Burning Man

8 08 2010

Gerlach, NV — Starting August 23rd Black Rock Airways will be offering reduced airfares from designated cities to the Playa.  Airfares starting as low as $49 one way will be available throughout the duration of the festival and end on September 9th.

“This is the inaugural year for this service and we hope it succeeds to become a yearly one for the Burning Man community” said Kent Brockman, Director of Black Rock Airways. “We’ve cobbled the service together with planes and pilots from the Burner community.  The fares have been kept as low as possible and proceeds will be used to offset fuel and maintenance costs”.

The service came about as a result of the efforts of pilots and plane owners in the Burning Man community who wanted to be able to make the Playa more accessible and convenient for people who might otherwise have trouble attending the event.

“I can’t usually attend for the entire week” said Dr. Julius Hibbert, a pilot who donates his time and plane to the effort.  “I have a very busy medical practice in Boulder and wouldn’t be able to make it for the weekend if I couldn’t fly in. Luckily I have my own plane so that makes it a lot easier” said Hibbert. “When you’re at the BRC airport you chat the other pilots up and find out many of them are in the same position.  After a couple of years throwing the idea around we’ve figured out a way to serve Burners and help others attend who might not have been able to.”

Volunteer pilots come from cities as disparate as Burners themselves and include places like Santa Monica, California; Boulder, Colorado; Butte, Montana; Seattle, Washington; and Portland, Oregon. For a complete listing of participating cities, airfares, availability and booking reservations please call the Burning Man hotline at (415) To-Flame.




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