Burning Man Twice as Gay on Friday!

10 07 2010

Gay Burning Man leaders were thrilled after the appearance of double rainbows heralded a Friday night that would be double the usual amount of gay.

“Break out your tiara, because it’s double G-A-Y tonight”, said Sparkles.  A Jiffy Lube Camp spokesman stated that they were putting up additional fuck swings to handle the expected increase in traffic.  A Playa-wide alert was issued to all Friday night DJs advising them to stock up on Danny Tenaglia records.

Photo by Carie Camacho




7 responses

13 07 2010

Let’s bring the double gay nite to LA!

22 12 2010

Not for nothin’ (and in relation to the article the pic is quite funny), but that guy has always shown wonderful, thoughtful, beautiful energy whenever I’ve run into him 🙂

22 12 2010

No argument from us on that one!

22 12 2010

is that halcyon?

22 12 2010

See comment above.

23 12 2010

must be jon

13 10 2011
Shroom Exclusive! 2012 Burning Man Theme: “Jumping the Shark” « The Shroom

[…] Winkler – whose beloved (yet gay) son Halcyon is a longtime Burner – has agreed to attend his very first Burning Man in […]

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