After 2 Year Stint as a Solo Camper Hitler Returns with New Theme Camp

1 07 2010

The Burning Man community witnessed Hitler’s YouTube meltdown two years ago when he realized his theme camp had fallen apart and disbanded.  With his dreams of the scariest fucking art car ever gone like MOOP from feather boas caught in a dust devil, Hitler was forced to camp on his own way out in the suburbs, past the DWP Ghetto, or forgo his trip to Black Rock City altogether.

“It was a low point in my life,” claimed Der Fuhrer. “I really wigged the fuck out.  You all saw it.  But you know, it wasn’t all bad.  It gave me the opportunity to really reflect and think about what kind of experience I want to have on the Playa.”

The leader of the Third Reich gushed about his passion for Trance music.  “I love it all!  Goa, Psytrance, as well as the classic progressive stuff like Sasha & Digweed.  It really just takes me away, you know?  That’s why I’m back this year with a new theme camp devoted specifically to Trance music.”

When asked about his latest breakdown on YouTube concerning the rise in popularity of Dubstep at the expense of Trance Hitler shrugged it off as a necessary setback to his master plan of bringing back Trance as the most popular music at Burning Man.




3 responses

1 07 2010

We must admit that although Hitler has had several issues with judgment in the past we agree with his assessment of Dubstep.

14 07 2010
World Cup Soccer Balls

Hitler and the vuvuzela at the 2010 Fifa World Cup….

I found your entry interesting thus I’ve added a Trackback to it on my weblog :)…

25 08 2010

hahaha, well… all I can say is that our camp’s “Trance” is not what Hitler means by “trance” you’re going to love it. We love it, the Playa’s going to love it, Hitler might not approve, but we think you will.

For us Lundun-ers we say Trance but mean mean Psy Trance and Progressive Psy Trance, and we promise not only great (progpsy)Trance you’ll all love, but also plenty of dubstep, glitch, trip hop, drill & bass, IDM and lots and lots of Tipper.

PLUR to all Burners & PsyChoNaughts

x Meme

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