Drum ‘n’ Treble Night Not Catching On

22 06 2010

Campmates were reporting that Thursday’s late night DJ PitchUp set drove away dancers in record time. The Brazilian dance sensation’s patented ‘Thump-Tweet” sound began at sunrise and within twenty minutes had emptied the dancefloor.

Said one attendee named Orange, “With the sun coming up and everything, I thought he was building to a big break. I get that the bird noises were supposed to be the sound of birds at sunrise, but I have to admit I was a little confused by the dolphin chatter. When the music didn’t go anywhere after 20 minutes, I decided to go get a latte. So did most everyone else.”

Said a petulant, DJ PitchUp, “I’m too far ahead of my time. At least, my dogs love the Drum’n’treble.”




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