GPS Settles 4:20 Address Dispute

18 06 2010

A heated dispute between 4 camps on the G block between 4 o’clock and 4:30 was settled yesterday by a ranger’s GPS system.  Camp High Times was found to be exactly 2/3 of the way down the West side of the street. Burninator Camp, Really Green Man Camp and Mitch Hedberg Memorial Camp all walked away disappointed.

Before issuing her ruling Ranger K8 told the assembled Burners, “There are no winners or losers here. Only stoners.” Burninator Camp leader Herbman issued an official statement: “Bummer”.

The involved camps all rejoiced or consoled themselves by toking on some tasty buds. Ranger K8 and her GPS device were summoned across to the East side of the street to settle a similar address dispute between individual camps in the Gigsville collective.

“A Ranger’s work is never done,” she said.




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