Meditation Interrupted by Goddamn Dubstep Again.

11 06 2010

Yogi Vima’s morning meditation ritual was goddamn interrupted again by those goddamned dubstep DJ’s according to several campmates.

“I was really opening up my chakras when I just felt this dark intrusion,” she said. “Y’know, Ommmmmmm-whoomp-whoomp-whoomp, Om-whoomp-whoomp-whoomp.” Local DJs said they were unaware of any goddamn noise complaints or spiritual interruptions.

“Ganesha damned DJs,” Vima declared. “Why can’t they be finding their nectar in something besides bass?”



5 responses

17 06 2010

Hahahahahahaha! Namaste mother fuckers!

3 09 2010
René Thomas

This is most wrong. There must be neither vex nor discord between dub and dharma. Make the intension to find a righteously irie insight and obstacles such as loudnesses and preacherteachers will dissipate into a non-dual flava.

6 10 2010


7 10 2010

if he can’t meditate during dubstep then how he call himself a yogi?

7 10 2010

i mean she, lol

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