Kid Totally Thinks She’s at Circus

7 06 2010

After witnessing a plethora of people in elaborate costumes and make-up, stilt-walkers, trapeze artists and jugglers, 5-year old camper Bean was proud to report that she was really having fun at the circus. Whether holding her breath during the aerial acrobats of Lucent Dossier, laughing with joy at the colorful hoopers or grabbing her mom’s hand frightfully at the fire breathers, Bean never stopped being entertained despite her slightly mistaken belief.

Bean’s Dad said, “We tried to explain to her where we really were, but the concept of lightning in a bottle was a little too abstract for her at this age.” Prior to the event her parents had described Lighting in a Bottle as a Magical Forest Adventure. In attempting to explain why her puppy couldn’t come with them they told her that the website said that dogs were not welcome, but elephants and giraffes were allowed.

Giggling delightedly, Bean said that she was really looking forward to seeing the lions and eating some cotton candy.




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