Tens of People Descend Upon Santa Barbara for LIB

4 06 2010

Santa Barbara – Tens of people were spotted wandering around the Live Oak campgrounds today while several more were seen waiting at the shuttle stop in the parking lot.

The small crowd, who apparently scored in the bottom percentile in both email comprehension and ticket reading skills, had previously been spotted wearing feather boas and eating pistachio nuts on the Playa.

A DO Lab organizer stated that they had posted a note on the gates, but allowed that it might have blown away.




2 responses

5 06 2010

I.. fucking… LOVE you guys! Thank you, oh clever Gods of pun and cunning farce! You truly are some kind of masters…

6 06 2010

Wow. I would say you flatter us, but you’re so dead on balls accurate. We’ll do our best to keep you so enamored.

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