Art Call Recall Issued

3 06 2010

The Department of Mutant Vehicles has issued an art car recall to address a variety of problems with Black Rock City’s mutant vehicle population. Black Rock City DMV spokesperson The Muse cited several issues with art cars that have become unfortunate trends with one of Burning Man’s most beloved attractions.

The recall is being issued for:

-Lack of governors on art car sound systems that allow mutant vehicles to play Dubstep.

-Any and all pirate ship art cars for a total lack of originality.

-Any art car with Steampunks on it or a Steampunk related theme.

Mutant Vehicles that are currently subject to the recall may apply for, and receive, their permits to roam the Playa once the appropriate repairs have been completed.  Any art cars that fail to comply with the recall and make the required modifications will be subject to impound.
When pressed as to why the recall covered only issues concerning aesthetics or sound The Muse replied only “Safety Third”.




One response

3 06 2010

LOL. There goes my steampunk art car, DARN.

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