Point-Counterpoint: Sarcasm is not participation.

18 05 2010

Point – Flower Girl

To my witty, lovely and snarky campmate: We all enjoy your presence. We love you and we find your stories and sarcastic remarks really amusing. We really get a kick out of your cynical take on things here in our lovely home – good ol’ BRC. So, Baldy, I – we – mean this in the most constructive, loving, positive, best possible way: You can’t just sit back in the lounge drinking Tecate all day long and making wisecracks about every passerby and call that participation (Although I’ve never laughed so hard). Everybody in this camp contributes quite a lot with their participation. From DJs to our own DPW, dancers, cooks and MOOPers. People put a lot more effort than just spouting off about whatever cynical thought pops into their heads. We believe that everyone can participate positively. And I know that in your heart of hearts, behind all that insecurity and sarcasm, there’s a timid and lovely little boy who desperately wants to participate. If you need a little hand holding, or a little nudge in the right direction, I’m here to help! Instead of trying to lower everyone’s self-esteem to match yours, why not raise your self-esteem to match everyone else? So get off that chair and into our camp spirit!

Whaddaya say, Baldy?!?


Counterpoint – Baldy

Yeah, right.




One response

20 05 2010

I wanna see some titties!!!

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