Google bids to buy Burning Man

18 05 2010

(Wall Street) As part of their ongoing ‘benevolent’ effort to own everything in the world, Google has offered over $1 billion in Google stock to take over the company. Sergey Brin co-founder of Google stated in a press release, “We look forward to combining Burning Man with our other tools like Google Earth and YouTube to create the ultimate user experience.”

The market was obviously on the move despite the general lack of Internet access at the festival as individual shares of Google stock moved up 1% to 13,623.50 on the Nasdaq. “There’s already a large cross-over between Burning Man’s consumer base and Google’s own Blogger,” said Brin. “We expect to relax the video camera  rules at Black Rock City to leverage our experience with YouTube.”

Some analysts expressed surprise that Burning Man would agree to be bought out now, as they had turned down a substantially larger sum of money in 1999 from

“We’re about more than just search,” stated Brin. “We’re about finding yourself.




One response

21 12 2010
Nutmeg Alfredo

I thought Burning Man was already owned by the BRCPO?

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