Editorial: I’ve Seen So Many Boobs, I Just Might Look You In The Eye

7 05 2009

Volume 1, Issue 2

September 3rd, 2004

Special to The Shroom by Chad “Chadders” Chadwick

After 5 days out here on the ol’ Playa, I’ve started to notice a little change in my horniness. Now, I know my friend Spence would say that I was just becoming a ‘mo, and my dad would call it titty fatigue, but I think I’ve just simply reached the bottom of my knocker lust.

You see, if it were up to just porn, you’d think there were only 3 kinds of boobs. The perky ones, the huge knockers, and the round torpedo fake ones. These past 5 days, I’ve seen all kinds of shapes and sizes of boobs. I mean a lot. Like a Noah’s Ark of all the boobs in America. Banana titties, ones that pointed out, pointed down, big ones, perky ones, ones that were like 2 different cup sizes, big nipples, small nipples, huge areolae, brown areolae, pierced ones, you name it, I’ve seen it with my own two eyes. At first, it was kinda surprising. I mean, man, have I been jerking off.

But a strange thing happened the other day. I was talking to this totally hot girl at center camp – she was wearing just a sarong, no top, and we had a nice conversation about coffee and we agreed to talk later.
And here’s the funny thing: as I was walking back to camp, I realized that all I could think about was her smile, and her eyes, and that I had listened to everything she had talked about. Organic vs. fair trade, the whole shebang. But you know what the craziest part was? I couldn’t remember what her rack looked like.

But don’t get me wrong – I still got it. Last night, that girl from the Accounting Department from back home came by, and she’s kinda shy, so she was wearing a regular shirt, but she had it opened a little. So, I stared at her cleavage while I was talking to her and thought about… well, you get the picture.

But things are changing for me. The Critical Tits parade yesterday? Normally, I would’ve horned dogged over with my video camera, but instead I just chose to stay at camp and help Norman and Ajax with their art project.

So now instead of just nodding and saying ‘yeah’ while you’re talking and I’m looking at your girls, I get into a conversation. Like that girl from Center Camp -Anne – she was really interesting. She knew about all sorts of amazing stuff, and I told her a couple of stories about me growing up, and she asked me about home and what I wanted to do with my life. Pretty cool. So, if you’d like to have a conversation, come on by cleavage,titties or naked. I just might look you in the eye.




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